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Strengthening Our Products

At WONDERCOLOR, we hold ourselves to the highest standard and believe in full transparency within our team and with our customers. Therefore, our production process includes rigorous practices and procedures to ensure the best result. Could you take a look at our key features below?




Plasticizer resin-based ready to use, UV resistant plastic water insulation material.

Application Areas: used as UV-resistant, colored, and ready to the UV resistant plastic water insulation materials for indoor and external areas of all buildings, roofs, degree gutters, chimney, and parapet edge.

Features: ready to use and application is very easy and it is a semi-fluid feature. Because it is elastic and UV resistant, it provides excellent adhesion to all kinds of building materials. Protects plasticity in hot and cold differences. protective water insulation material. Standard production is white, can be colored in various colors according to quantity.

Surface Preparation: The surface to be applied should be cleaned of all kinds of oil, dirt, loose and swollen layers, and a surface that can hold the paint in glassy and bright textures should be created.


Application: The liquid film should be applied to dry surfaces, clean and surfaces are not wet and oily, dirt, and loose floors should be cleaned. The surfaces to be applied must have a slope that does not lead to accumulation of water. Application tools can be cleaned with water.

  • Mechanical strength winning time: 7 days
  • time to reach the last strength: 7 days
  • waiting time between floors: 6 hours
  • application thickness: 1-1,5 MM
  • waterproofing time: 7 days
  • touch time: 2 hours
  • full drying time: 48 hours

Consumption: Smooth of the surface applied; 0,750-1 kg / m2 horizontal 1-1.5 Kg / M2 consumption quantity provided approximately according to the surface structure difference, certain consumption should be determined in the working end.

Packing: 20 Kg

Storage: Stored in original packaging stored in a cool and dry environment protected from moisture, freeze, and direct sunlight.

Self lifeh: 3 years from the 'date of production in handless and dry environments. The mouth of the containers should be tightly closed when not used. The liquid component should be protected.

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